First of all congratulations to those teams that participated in the Minnesota State High School Basketball Tournament last week. Everybody played hard and it was an exciting tournament. KDHL presented it's 66th year of coverage and Gordy Kosfeld and Roy Koenig(who took over for Hall of Fame Broadcaster Mike Morrissey at the Tournament this year) did a great Job.  That's a lot of games to cover over a few days and it takes a lot of concentration and energy.
My point is..I did not notice how many other teams were doing this I just happened to notice members of the Hopkins team, when the awards for runner up were presented a few players accepted the award being put around their neck and then as soon as they thought they were out of range from the TV camera they took them off, like they could not handle the fact they were number two. Come on guys. #2 out of all of the class AAAA teams in the state is still  pretty good in my book. Look at all the teams that did not get to State. Yes it was a tough loss but you should still be proud.