My wife & I went out for supper last night at a local diner and right after we ordered, we disappeared, although we never left our booth. This is a common occurrence for us when we go out to eat and not just here in town but even in restaurants that we've eventually been served in across the U.S. Sometimes we've even disappeared right after they seat us only to reappear after some time, where they take our order and then we disappear again. The thing that is so frustrating is that we don't have any control over when we dematerialize from the view of the waitstaff and by the time they see us again our food is cold. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but I'll tell ya, I wish I could control it, then I could become invisible whenever I was in a sticky situation or a boring meeting or whatever. Of course I'm just being a smartass and I understand sometimes it's gets pretty busy for the waitress/waiter, they work hard and sometimes we get forgotten and that might be our fault because we're not loud, rude or demanding and like to just maintain a low profile & quietly enjoy each others company while we dine. Plus, this doesn't happen everywhere we go, but when it does my wife & I just look at each other, laugh and say "Well, I guess we've become invisible again!"