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2017 Faribault Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start a summer, a three-day weekend, and a chance to pay respect to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and with that came the annual Faribault Memorial Day parade through downtown Faribault and program in Central Park.
Winner Winner Radio Listener
At the Power 96 and KDHL studios, we love seeing our listeners win stuff! Outside of playing great music and keeping you current on local news, giveaways are one of the best parts of radio, and right now, you can win some awesome stuff!
MnDOT Urges Caution During Long Weekend
The unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day weekend, is here. There will be parades and ceremonies to attend, campgrounds and cabins to drive to, and plenty of road construction throughout the state. With that in mind, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is reminding everyone to use caution …
Happy National Wine Day
Previously, I have shared with you the joy that is National Margarita Day. Clearly that is a "holiday" I can get behind. Well, time to add another date to your list of favorite holidays! But on this holiday, there will be no fireworks, no resolutions to be made, no stockings filled with go…
10 Smart Ways to Use $1,000
Some people are spenders, some people are savers, and if the idea of winning $1,000 has you thinking about being fiscally responsible, I've got a few ideas on smart ways to use that grand.
10 Fun Ways to Spend $1,000
Winning $1,000 is not like winning a million dollars, it's not enough to quit your job, buy a mansion, or make outlandish purchases. But, $1,000 is still a decent chunk of money that allows you a million different ways to spend it. Right now you can win $1,000 with KDHL, so I've put togeth…
Pet of the Week: Pickett
Each week I’ll share a picture and a little bit about a pet that is available for adoption and waiting to find a good home. If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your home, pet adoption can be a very rewarding way to do so. Check out this week’s Pet of…
Gordy Kosfeld Hits Milestone
KDHL first hit the airwaves in 1948 and has become known since then as a source for reliable news and information and sports, music, and things of local interest. And since 1987, Gordy Kosfeld has been a trusted voice throughout southern Minnesota.
Music Monday May 22, 2017: The Empty Hearts
It’s Music Monday! Each week I share something I am listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It could be a tried and true favorite that you haven’t heard in forever, it could be a new release by an artist or band you already know, or it could be something I h…

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