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What Mom Wants for Breakfast This Sunday
Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and right now, a lot of people are probably panicking about what they should get their mother. Local stores are filled with items that are sure to delight your mom, but in addition to something to unwrap, give your mom what she wants most, which is to spend some …
How to Remove Your Info From a Website
While scrolling my news feed recently, I saw a friend posting about a website filled with personal information. I checked it out for myself, and sure enough, it had my name, phone number, every address I have ever had, my email accounts, and all of my family listed under family and some friends list…
Minnesota Hits 159 Years of Statehood
Hard to believe it, but as of today, Minnesota has been a state for 159 years! The land of Babe the Blue Ox, the Kensington Runestone, three-time WNBA Championship winners the Lynx, and the late Prince, the 32nd state in the Union has a lot to be proud of!
Pet of the Week: Spud
Each week I’ll share a picture and a little bit about a pet that is available for adoption and waiting to find a good home. If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your home, pet adoption can be a very rewarding way to do so. Check out this week’s Pet of…
Faribault Community Pride Grants Available
Do you have a great idea of a project that would benefit the community? The Faribault Foundation is offering community pride grants to groups, and individuals working to make Faribault an even better community.
Music Monday May 8, 2017: Rival Sons
It’s Music Monday! Each week I share something I am listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It could be a tried and true favorite that you haven’t heard in forever, it could be a new release by an artist or band you already know, or it could be something I h…
Still Time to Apply for Downtown Business Challenge
Have a great idea for a business? Think downtown Faribault would make the perfect location for your entrepreneurial dreams? If you’ve always dreamed of opening up your own business, but have never known whether the time was right, or wished you has someone you could ask questions about how and where…
Big Hats Were Big Fun at Paradise
This Saturday, May 6, was the 143rd year of the Kentucky Derby and the eighth annual Big Hats Big Hearts Kentucky Derby party and fundraiser to support the Paradise Center for the Arts in downtown Faribault. It was a great success and a lot of fun!

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