The New Trend in Movie Trailers: Imagine Dragons Songs
Like everything else in the movie business, trailers chase trends. Somebody does something, that thing becomes a huge hit, and then everyone copies it. That’s particularly evident in the use of music in trailers. For a few years, Inception BRAAAHMS were everywhere. Recently, we’ve been…
10 Smart Ways to Use $1,000
Some people are spenders, some people are savers, and if the idea of winning $1,000 has you thinking about being fiscally responsible, I've got a few ideas on smart ways to use that grand.
10 Fun Ways to Spend $1,000
Winning $1,000 is not like winning a million dollars, it's not enough to quit your job, buy a mansion, or make outlandish purchases. But, $1,000 is still a decent chunk of money that allows you a million different ways to spend it. Right now you can win $1,000 with KDHL, so I've put togeth…
Looking For Great Rock? Mike’s Got The Answer
There's a certain satisfaction in discovering a band you've never heard of before and then sharing them with others. One of those bands is The Answer. I was introduced to these guys by former announcer Derek Evans several years ago. He saw them open for AC/DC and came back to the station t…
Roger Moore’s Best James Bond Moments
Roger Moore was the third man to portray James Bond in the official series based on Ian Fleming’s classic spy novels; today, sadly, he became the first of the six 007 actors to pass away. His contributions to the Bond franchise are enormous, but for a long time they were overlooked.
Make A Splash At Area Pools this Summer
It’s summer in Minnesota, and that means it’s time to gather up the kids and hit the pools. They’re a great way to cool off, and a family friendly way to spend a summer afternoon.

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