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A Look Back: Minnesota License Plates, Rice County
Sue Garwood reminds us to look up for this display of Minnesota license plates. Donated by the Schreyer family, the earliest plate is from 1908 and is made of leather. The collection features plates from every year through 1965.
New episodes featuring Rice and Steele county history are posted to the …
Pet of the Week: Laddie
Each week I’ll share a picture and a little bit about a pet that is available for adoption and waiting to find a good home. If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your home, pet adoption can be a very rewarding way to do so. Check out this week’s Pet of…
Music Monday June 26, 2017: Courtney Barnett
It’s Music Monday! Each week I share something that I am currently listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It could be something that you know and love, or it could be something that I have just discovered. Stop back every Monday to see what is being featured!
Time to Roll Out the ‘Transformers’ Facts
You know the Transformers series, which unveils its fifth film, The Last Knight, later this week. But did you know that the franchise largely exists because of the war in Iraq? It’s true; producer Don Murphy originally pitched Hasbro on making a G.I. Joe film series, but because of the politi…

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