Some songs fit an artist's voice so well that you can't imagine it being sung by anyone else, let alone nearly two decades earlier! But I recently learned that a incredibly popular song was hitting the airways long before I ever heard it.

Jerrod Niemann released the fun tune entitled " Lover Lover" in March of 2010 and had great success with it. In fact, it hit #1 on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs charts! But, the song, written by Dan Pritzker, hd been previously released 18 years earlier in 1992 by an American soul and alternative group known as Sonia Dada. When they released the song, they did so with the title of " You Don't Treat Me No Good" and was a large success in Australia.

Chances are you've heard the Jerrod Niemann version and had it stuck in your head more than once, so now listen to the Sonia Dada original version and let me know which you prefer! Personally, I think both are excellent!