The Faribault Youth Investment 40 assets campaign is underway and Becky Ford from the Faribault Public Schools will be giving us details on AM Minnesota today.

The show begins 9:30 a.m. at 920 AM dial and of course you can listen worldwide at or by downloading the FREE Radio Pup app on your favorite mobile device.

The Search Institute has developed these developmental assets placed in two different categories.

External Assets and Internal Assets.

External Assets include Support which includes support from family and the community and listed under other adult relationships they say the young person receives support from three or more adults who are not their parents.

Empowerment includes the Community Values Youth meaning the young person perceives that adults in the community value youth.

Constructive Use of Time includes a listing for Creative Activities which says the young person spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater or other arts.

Under Internal Assets Commitment to Learning states the young person reports doing at least one hour of homework every school day.

Positive Values lists these values, caring, integrity, honesty, responsibility, restraint and equality and social justice meaning the young person places high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.

Social Competencies lists these assets. Planning and decision making, interpersonal competence, cultural competence, resistance skills and peaceful conflict resolution.

Positive Identity includes personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose and a positive view of their personal future.

Becky Ford is overseeing the Faribault Youth Investment 40 asset campaign and we're looking forward to receiving more information at 9:30 this morning on AM Minnesota.

Materials for 40 Assets Campaign from Search Institute. Photo provided by Faribault Youth Investment