Do you like to eat things a certain way? Do you have secret food vices, combinations that most people may find odd, or things maybe that you have liked as a kid.  Here are some that are mine and some I have heard of. Maybe you can relate. Comment back and let me know.

Combinations and quirks

  • putting peanuts in your cola-once in a while I like to.
  • Dipping your french fries in your frosty
  • putting ice in your milk
  • Saving about half of your glass off milk so that you can slam it all when you are done eating.
  • A bacon and peanut butter sandwich or peanut butter and banana(a favorite of Elvis)
  • Not drinking anything at all until you have finished your meal.
  • going for sliders after spending sometime out drinking
  • eating the middle of your sandwich cookie first

Feel free to share any others.