There seems to be a lot of speculation, a lot of talk a lot of hurt feelings about the possiblity of a Friends cast reunion. I got on board with the show late. But thanks to re-runs, videos, dvd's and syndication I got caught up on the storeies and episodes. I was sad to see the show end. But they went out on top.  I would like to see a reunion, but would have to agree with the cast in that it would have to be as good or better than what they left us with 10 years ago.  There was much excitement generated recently when a "reunion poster"(see below) was put out and went viral. It appears that it was a hoax.  Most of the cast agrees that things should be left as they are. Courtney still has her Cougar Town, Jennifer has her movies and upcoming marriage, Matthew Perry is supposedly doing a new show and I think Matt Leblanc still has a show on a cable channel.  My gut feeling says it's not going to happen. And if they do..will it leave us wanting still more.  What do you think?