In my 15 + years of working in radio, I have Met some pretty good coaches. Before I even left high school I new a very good coach. Lou Mitteco at Totino-Grace in Fridley. Lou at almost age 85 still coaches the 10th grade team, after many years at the varsity helm and was the Athletic Director. And then I went on to meet people like, Dave Galovich from Crosby-Ironton, who still coaches, John Hadrich, the former coach at Mcgregor High School, Some other coaches at Staples, Crosby Ironton and Aitkin, whose names escape me now. But then there was Bob McDonald of Chisholm. I remember how scared I was to interview him the first time for a game, but he was very gracious and acomodating and it was a good interview that I wish I still had. Bob is going to retire at the end of this season and be inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame in Boston in July. with over 1000 wins and 59 seasons of coaching it is an honor well deserved. Congratulations Bob.  Bob said recently in an interview as a person coming from the sticks in the old days that he would have a hard time putting on a tux for the occasion.