I have always been jealous of those who can wake up every morning, about the same time without the aid of an alarm clock.  My father was like that. He was able to wake up 7 days a week about the same time without a clock. My guess is my problem is that since I don't get to bed the same time every night and I tend to want to sleep in on Saturday's when I don't work and my have to get up time on Sunday is later than during the week.

I have found (especially as I have gotten older) that the keys to a good night sleep are:

getting enough sleep(not always that easy in the radio business)

No caffeine after 7pm

A drink of water before bed(helps the kidneys do their thing and cuts down on waking up to go to the bathroom)

A comfortable bed and pillows

A comfortable room(not to hot or cold)

Have a great day!

NIghty night.