If you've been listening to Power96 or KDHL at all this week, then you've probably heard. My voice is gone. Well not entirely, but enough that when I go to speak, a croak comes out. Yes, it is delightful to listen to. It makes even me cringe. How did it get this way you might ask? Well, I suspect some severe allergies, to be specific I think hay is the culprit. Last weekend I had the chance to go camping, and before we were even done setting up tents, I could feel a scratchy sensation work it's way down my throat. This has happened before, at every fair, festival, camping adventure, or anything fun I might try to go to for the last few years. This year I was prepared! I took allergy meds, sucked on cough drops, gargled salt water, sipped hot tea, aimed for a decent amount of rest. And yet, upon my arrival to work Monday morning, my coworkers laughed, said I sounded horrible, and that they knew this would happen. One even suggested a bubble! haha! But I can't sacrifice all my fun for my voice. On the other hand, I do still sound awful, and feel under the weather which isn't a great time either.

Do you experience allergies? Do you have any miracle cures? Or better yet, a suggestion to help prevent it?

Photo: K Krage