They are still to this day, one of my favorite Easter treats. Those little marshmellow peeps. Originally shaped as baby chicks, now they can look like rabbits, chicks, jack o lantern's, hearts, Santas and Christmas trees and more.

Sam Born many years ago founded the Just Born Candy company. The name came from the fact he used to advertise his candies as "just born" indicating they were fresh. And of course the Born part came from his last name. The chicks were originally hand made by the Rodda Candy Company. In 1953 Sam Born bought the company and switched the chicks to mass production. And now you can find the candies 61 years later in many different colors and designs.  The Peeps keep too. After all, they are just sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and dye. I once found a package that had been left in an Easter basket, a year later. They were just as fresh as when they were purchased the year before.

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