These are the writings of Faribault brand manager John Anderson. Unable to complete or maybe more unwilling to complete his mission to make it from the Twin Cities to Faribault, to broadcast on the mighty 920.  First time in 6 + years due to weather. It seemed the roads were just to dangerous. It was more that than the cold. I suppose many were faced with ths decision this morning. The people that had short treks probably went. We are used to hearing no travel advisories for the Fargo area or Detroit Lakes. And the I-90 area around Albert Lea.  But it has been a while for one to come out for Rice and Steele and other south central counties.  Even getting around the cities yesterday was a challenge with the blowing snow.  This has a big effect on everyone. Businesses affected by no customers and employees that can't get to work. Ballards Resort had to cancel a bus load of fisherman because the roads to get there were closed.  But here in Minnesota, we are hearty. We will get thru. The days are getting longer,the sun brighter each time it is out. The snow will melt hopefully by June, and then we will start to complain as to how hot and humid it is.