As you are at home..enjoying a let's say a nice hot cup of cocoa, your choice with or without marshmellows, and your sitting somewhere warm..hopefully in front of a fire..and as you look outside, across the frozen tundra that is think about those days when..(some of these did really happen to me)

  • you were walking on some ice by a house and fell and knocked out a couple of teeth.
  • you were playing in the snow fort when you were attacked and the entrance tunnel caved in
  • you could not get into the house and get the snow suit off quite fast enough to make it to the bathroom
  • You were at a boy scout winter camp and the person that was supposed to be on fire watch fell asleep and the tent got very cold.
  • The first time you were on a snowmobile, you were holding on to the driver and you went up a hill, fell backwards and took the driver with you.
  • you could not wait to get home from school to start the latest battle in snowball wars.

A lot of kids now, rush home, plop in front of the computer or tv and they don't enjoy the winter beauty that is Minnesota. Obviously right now today and tomorrow..not good days to be out long. But they are really missing out on the things we did. And usually no matter how much Mom reminded us..we did not seem to care that is was below zero.

Stay safe and warm my friends