With a blizzard hitting us and less then stellar road conditions, I've seen some really kind acts and oen gentleman who could use a dose of patience.

Yesterday evening I left work and crossed the street to my car. As I began scraping the snow off, I noticed a car behind me in the parking lot get stuck. I offered my assistance and went over to help push them out. During this time, another man driving by saw the vehicle half in the parking lot and half in the street and while there was room to go around, he stopped. I assumed he was going to offer to help as well, but instead, he chose to roll down his window yelling and swearing at them for being part way in the road. Now obviously they didn't want to be stuck there, but the roads were snow covered and it happens. In the time he spent yelling, he could have helped and been on his merry way. He was rude and his words were not nessessary.

After a couple tries, we were able to get the car out of the parking lot and safely on the road. They were then nice enough to offer to wait and make sure I didn't get stuck trying to get out. Thanks! I was able to get out just fine, and was thankful that they were friendly and had made the offer to stay. Getting stuck is a stressful situation, and yet these people were able to handle it with kindness and gratitude.

As I traveled home, I saw more folks out and about, and I'm happy to say many of them were helping others. And this morning, as I scraped my windshield and prepared to shovel, I could see my neighbors out and about clearing sidewalks and driveways of thier own and older neighbors. Winter and snow happen, the roads get nasty, but yelling and screaming at someone won't make it better. Swearing at someone who is stuck won't magically give them traction. So take a deep breath, smile, and offer to lend a hand. You'll be amazed at how nice people can be if you give them a chance!