The sun is out, the mercury is rising, and with temps hitting 43 degrees it seems like spring is here!

It's true that the average high this time of year is 30, meaning we are roughly 13 degrees ahead of schedule, and it is beautiful outside, but don't put away your winter gear just yet! This is Minnesota and winter isn't going away just yet! Nice as these past two days have been, weather reports include a blizzard warning for Thurs and temps dropping back down to the teens over the weekend! That means have your boots, and shovel handy and it might be a good idea to review the safety tips [] I posted for shoveling and also my post of what should be in your emergency kit[

It seems like this winter has been particularily harsh. There has not even been an adequate day for sledding, and while I do enjoy the beauty of a fresh fallen snow, the warmth and sunshine of the past two days have left me dreaming of summer. With the sad realization that spring is still aways off, I think I'll cheer myself up with island music and a fruity drink.