minnesota winters

Snow Dog in Paradise
I have two dogs, one is a golden retriever and the other is a German shepard. They have quite a few years between them, so their energy levels are pretty different, but they do agree on a couple of things: the mailman must be barked at, and snow is one of the greatest things ever...
Winter walk at River Bend Nature Center
Over the past weekend the weather was in the 30s, which I would normally consider cold, but after sub-zero temperatures actually seemed decent. I took this chance to get out of the house and met a friend at the River Bend Nature Center for a winter walk.
Another work week is done! Yay! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but just like you, I am ready for a couple days of freedom!
Chilly weekend ahead!
The weekend is almost here! I could fill my Saturday and Sunday with big adventures and fun things, and often I do, but this weekend I have something very different in mind...
Snow dog!
This morning, while I was scraping the snow off of my car, my dog thought it was perfect weather to play in! She's a German Shepard and just loves the snow!
STOP! In the name of spring?
Today is March 7th, meaning that tomorrow night we'll all be setting our clocks ahead an hour as we begin daylight savings time. But if we're "Springing Ahead" as they say, where is spring?