In my family we had Easter celebrating traditions much like Thanksgiving or Christmas where we got the whole family together for a big meal and the kids usually over indulged on Easter candy. I always looked forward to going wherever we were going. Dad sometimes would be frustrated doing the drive  if the weather was more winter like than spring. Mom always wanted whatever she was cooking for the meal to be perfect.  As I got older and realized what they went through, I understood more.  When I was a kid the day usually started with breakfast and that was usually the hard boiled eggs in the Easter basket, maybe a touch of candy. I had to sort out the black jelly beans and give them to my dad, as I did not like them. Then went to church and came home and got ready to go where ever we were going to go or get the house ready if people were coming over. The meal was usually great and too much but all had a good time. Even the year when my newly married sister who was still a rookie cook, put salt on the ham.  We drank a lot of water with dinner that day. Whatever you are doing I hope you have a blessed and safe day.

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