You don't have to be a world traveler to know that how we spell 'color' is different in places like Canada and Great Britain and is written as 'colour'. There are other examples of having different spellings or words for the same thing like 'pants' and 'trousers' (who calls them that?). But I am betting you didn't know that these 10 well-known food brands go by a different name in other places around the world!

How many of these did you know? I knew none!

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  • Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
    Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    KFC is called PFK in Canada

    In parts of Canada, Kentucky Fried Chicken is known as Poulet Frit Kentucky. It has to do with the French Canadian portions of America's hat. They have rules in regards to businesses having their name in French.

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    In Europe 3 Musketeers are called Milky Ways

    So what are 3 Musketeer bars called? Whoa...let that sink in for a second!

  • (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
    (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

    Our Milky Ways are called Mars Bars in Europe

    Our version of the Milky Way bar was first released in 1923; and a lot of people believe it was named after the solar system, but its name actually came from a popular drink at the time called malted milk.

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    Lay's potato chips are called many things many places

    Specifically they are called "Walkers" in England, "Chipsy" in Egypt, "Poca" in Vietnam, "Sabritas" in Mexico, and "Smith's" in Australia.

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    Rice Krispies cereal is called this "Down Under"

    Don't fret they didn't rename the elves, they are still Snap, Crackle, and Pop. But the popular cereal here is known as Rice Bubbles in Austraila and New Zealand!

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    Dove chocolate is known as Galaxy chocolate in these places

    It really seems like chocolate no matter the language still looks good. Dove chocolates take on the name Galaxy chocolate in India, Egypt, and the UK.

  • (Photo by Ben Rushton/Getty Images)
    (Photo by Ben Rushton/Getty Images)

    Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia

    When I hear the name Hungry Jack I think instant potatos not a Whopper. It's just odd to even see the name in that familiar bun logo!

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    American Smarties are called Rockets in Europe

    This was probably one of my most favorite of candy to get on Halloween. It was like 20 candies in one.

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    Kraft Mac & Cheese is called this in Canada

    It kinda makes it sound healthier, right?

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    Cool Ranch Doritos Have A Distinct Name To Them In Europe

    The popular chip is called Cool Doritos in the UK and Cool American Doritos in Europe. Even though Ranch is a popular flavor in the states, the dressing isn't a huge hit in Europe, according to Thrillist. Therefore, even though Doritos kept their namesake, the actual flavor is called "Cool American" in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark, and Iceland.

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