I know it doesn't feel like spring today... but I promise you, warmer weather is on it's way. And since we've been cooped up all winter of course we want to get outside and get some fresh air! But if you have kids it can be tough to make sure it's a cool outdoor activity but not something that will be too difficult for your kids to handle. May I present to you, 10 kid-friendly hiking trails right here in Minnesota! Two of them happen to be close by too, no need to drive far!

Caribou Falls Trail - Silver Bay

This trail is way up in Silver Bay and nestled in with the Superior Hiking Trail. It's only 1 mile round trip to see a beautiful 35-foot waterfall at the end!

Upper Bluffs Trail - Frontenac State Park

This trail is only 3/4 of a mile long and leads right to a really cool limestone rock formation! There are tons of trees and you'll love the view.

Big Spring Falls - Banning State Park

This short hike through the forest brings you to the Kettle River. Another short hike, only 3/4 of a mile, makes it great for a family hiking trip!

Riverview Trail - John A. Latsch State Park

You may be able to catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife on this hike! Some of the animals include coyotes, fox, and white-tailed deer. And if you're up for a small challenge, hike up to the top of one of the bluffs!

Big Pond Loop - Northfield

How cool is that! Not a long drive to get to a hiking spot suitable for you and your kids. This is a beautiful hike around prairie land and forest. In the pond you'll usually find ducks and geese. Make sure to keep an eye out for bluebirds too!

Long Prairie Trail - Comrey

Another prairie land hike! This trail is only 1 mile long and along it you get to witness wildlife as well as history of the land. Check out the visitors center when you're done!

Loon Island Trail - Lake Shetek State Park

This trail loops around Loon Island along the shoreline of the lake where you can see white-tailed deer, foxes, and pelicans. It's a flat hike making it easy for kids to join in the fun!

Big Bog Boardwalk - Big Bog State Recreation Area

I've actually been to this one and I can confirm it's a cool hike and would be great to bring kids to! Along this trail you can see orchids, yellow-eyed grass, and carnivorous sundews and pitcher plants. You'll also hear a ton of wildlife and sometimes see them fleeting between plants.

Minneopa Falls Trail - Minneopa State Park

This hiking trail is close to Faribault too! This trail, located in Mankato, has a hike that begins over a bridge at the top of the waterfall and you can continue down along the shore, which leads to a beautiful pool.



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