I chat for a living in Minnesota on the radio and during my show today, I had a conversation about Easter baskets and asked how old is TOO OLD for kids to receive them.  You would have thought that the world stopped when I asked that question.  Apparently everyone, and I mean even those who are 40+ years old, want Easter baskets.


Obviously, filling the entire basket with hollow chocolate bunnies isn't ideal for everyone.  If you are looking for ideas for Easter baskets, gift bags, even stocking stuffers that AREN'T candy, check out the 101 ideas below:

101 Ideas for Easter Baskets That Aren't Candy

First...you need the basket:  Check the local second-hand stores to see what they have or visit a dollar store to see their selection.

Egg Hunt
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Ideas For Those Who Love Crafts

  1. Post-it notes
  2. Paint-By-Number
  3. New set of markers
  4. Watercolors
  5. Coloring book
  6. Crayons
  7. Play-doh
  8. Finger paint
  9. Journal
  10. Scented markers
  11. Glitter markers
  12. Washi tape
  13. Moon sand
  14. Paintbrushes
  15. Rolls of duct tape (for duct tape creations!)
  16. Friendship bracelet kit
  17. Notecards, stamps & addresses to their bff's

Ideas for Those Who Love Outdoor Fun

  1. Bubbles!
  2. Little garden kits.  Find these at dollar stores or even places like Target...they come with a little planter and seeds.
  3. Baseball glove
  4. Soccer Ball
  5. Basketball
  6. Birdhouse kit to paint
  7. Garden Tools (kid-sized)
  8. Garden gloves
  9. Kid-sized watering can
  10. Umbrella
  11. Chalk
  12. Monarch butterfly kit (send me a message if you need ideas on this! My daughter has raised hundreds)
  13. Sandbox toys
  14. Bike helmet
  15. Football
  16. Water balloons
  17. Squirt guns
  18. Butterfly net
  19. Pool noodles

Ideas for Those Who Love Hair, Body & Clothing Ideas

  1. Sunglasses
  2. New Socks
  3. Bright t-shirt (to help us get in the mood for summer)
  4. Lip gloss
  5. Nail polish
  6. Sandals
  7. Hand sanitizer that smells good
  8. Glitter body spray
  9. Colored hair gel
  10. Hairbrush
  11. Summer PJ's
  12. Hat with their favorite team on it!
  13. Bracelet
  14. Necklace
  15. Headband
  16. Toothbrush
  17. Swimsuit
  18. Swim shoes
  19. Bandaids with their favorite characters on them!
  20. Watch
  21. Bunny ears
  22. Beach towel
  23. Earrings

Ideas for Those Who Love Toys & Games:

  1. Matchbox cars
  2. Lego's (there are some small packages that would fit great in a basket!)
  3. Hexbugs
  4. Nerf guns
  5. Deck of Cards (I've made personalized cards at Shutterfly for each of my kids)
  6. Uno
  7. Rubiks Cube
  8. Jump rope
  9. Word Search Book
  10. Fidget Spinner
  11. Bouncy balls
  12. Slime
  13. Paper airplane book of ideas (and some paper)
  14. Kite
  15. Whoopie cushion
  16. Trading cards - pokemon, baseball or football cards
  17. Magnifying glass
  18. Beach ball
  19. Remote controlled car
  20. Bathtub toys
  21. Frisbee
  22. Puzzle (the big floor puzzles are great for little kids!)

Other Fun Ideas:

  1. Easter eggs filled with pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters
  2. Ant farm
  3. Baking Kit with a chefs hat & kid-sized spatula
  4. Baby Chickens (you can even rent chickens!)
  5. Gift card to an ice cream store
  6. Chia Pet
  7. Movie Gift Card
  8. DVD of their favorite movie
  9. New book
  10. New water bottle
  11. Flashlight
  12. Glow sticks
  13. Stuffed animal
  14. Binoculars
  15. Bug collecting kit
  16. Bookmark
  17. Science experiment kit
  18. National Park coin collection book
  19. Kids magazine subscription
  20. Recorder or a harmonica (they both make the same type of noise)

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