I went to the Emoji Movie in Owatonna last night, although I had initially planned on going to the Dark Tower, based on the Stephen King science-fantasy-western novel series of the same name. I really enjoyed that series of stories all tied together by the one central character Roland Deschain and his quest to save the Dark Tower. Unfortunately this movie has been savaged by the critics and at only and hour and a half I don't believe that this film can do the eight-book series justice. I didn't want the movie to ruin this beloved series of stories for me.

Instead, my wife and I took my granddaughters to the Emoji Movie. The girls can usually sit through an hour and a half long movie without any trouble, if it's fairly entertaining, but they started getting antsy about halfway through and my youngest granddaughter actually asked if we could go home at about this same time. After watching it all the way to the end I can understand why this movie has not generated a lot of buzz. Sure there are some funny moments throughout the show, but it lacks the catchy music and interesting storyline of say Moana or Frozen, and it's very predictable. That's too bad because it features an all-star cast of voice talents including comedians T.J. Miller, Jeff Ross and Steven Wright, talk show host James Corden, actresses Anna Faris, Sofia Vergara, Maya Rudolph and Jennifer Coolidge, singer Christina Aguilera, TV personality Rachel Ray, actors Sean Hayes and Sir Patrick Stewart and others.

If you're still thinking about going to it, I won't give the plot away other than one of the emoji characters goes on a quest to become a normal "meh" like his mom and dad. My advice is wait and rent it on DVD or watch on Netflix if they pick it up.

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