The great Minnesota get-together is kicking off on August 26th in the Twin Cities and although some vendors are pulling out this year due to COVID, the fair is still going on as scheduled.  Before you load up the car for a fun day at the Minnesota State Fair, check out the tips below that everyone should pay attention to.  (Some of those tips even save you CA💲H!)

Tips for newbies that are going to the Minnesota State Fair

If you've never been to the Minnesota State Fair and are thinking THIS is the year you are going to test out the fair foods for the first time, check out these tips from seasoned fairgoers!

What tip do you have for newbies going to the Minnesota State Fair?

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65 foods on a stick that you can eat at the Minnesota State Fair

CAUTION: You will get hungry when you look at all of the photos below.  If you've ever wanted to eat something on a stick, maybe covered in delicious batter and then fried, the Minnesota State Fair is a must to visit.  There are over 65 foods that are thrown on a stick for you to enjoy.  Feel free to find your favorite food on a stick below and get ready to devour your pick at the Minnesota State Fair this year.

65 Foods On a Stick You Can Get at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021

The Minnesota State Fair is fast approaching! Plan out your trip and take a look at the foods on a stick that you can find at the Great Minnesota Get-Together in 2021.
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Check out these new attractions at the Minnesota State Fair!

There's a ton of items and rides to check out at the Minnesota State Fair but in 2021, there are quite a few new items that are making their debut.  See what you need to visit below.

New attractions at the Minnesota State Fair for 2021

It's here! The Minnesota State Fair just released their full list of attractions that will be waiting for you to enjoy at the biggest Minnesota get-together in 2021. Check out all the fun below and the descriptions that the Minnesota State Fair has for each bit of fun at the fair!

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