Henry Rollins is one of the most entertaining and confrontational individuals in rock history. Whether he’s pummeling a disrespectful audience member, sparring with interviewers or venting his distaste for certain human characteristics, Rollins is truly unforgettable.

If you’ve ever read Rollins’ Black Flag touring memoir, Get in the Van, you know how often Rollins was caught in bad situations with fans and police. It was commonplace for Rollins fight his own audience, usually after being struck first or annoyed past his breaking point. You’ll see some footage going back to the Black Flag days where Rollins took on all comers either physically or verbally.

When Rollins was still playing music, you’d be ill advised to approach the vocalist right after a show ended. Always needing some time to decompress from his intense performances, Rollins would matter-of-factly tell people to leave him alone if they invaded his space. The scariest instance of this took place during a ‘90s Rollins Band gig, where two fans dropped into Henry’s dressing room just minutes after he exited the stage. Looking like he was about to murder the two fans, Rollins easily convinced them to evacuate the room for about 20 minutes.

In his constant crusade against complacency, Rollins led somewhat of a crusade against U2 for a few years. “They’re just one of the examples of how music has been made into a travesty over the years,” Rollins said on a ‘90s talk show. “A band like that takes a year to make 10 little songs and they take three years to tour it and then they want you to elect them to some kind of disgusting hierarchy.”

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