The storms come, they tell you to get to a safe space, and you ride out the thunder, lightning, and rain. And that's what Corey Wilmer up to Oak Grove did. And he still got zapped by his bed!

They have a little man-cave type of cabin out back of their house, and Corey's buddy was over. He was sound asleep, but Corey was wide awake, trying to calm himself down because he does not like lightning and thunder. Then the lightning hit the roof, traveled down the siding, and to the 15--year old his metal framed bed, zapped thru him, and went back outside the house thru an outlet.

What do you do when lightning strikes you? Corey jumped out of bed, couldn't move his shoulder, but found a way to dump water on his bed,'d caught fire!

Now his skin, where there were signs the lightning traveled thru him, is clearing up. Almost gone is the spider-web like design. And tho that may fade away, Corey Wilmer will always remember the day he was tucked away in a safe space, and lightning found him anyway.

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