This summer AND next winter are going to be fun times for music fans in venues named for Minnesota-based company Target. Coming this summer to Target Field will be the Eagles and Jimmy Buffett for a concert series that is set to take place June 30th. Tickets to that show will run you from $185 on up.

Then coming up July 27th the rock groups Journey and Def Leopard will be headed to 1 Twins Way for a concert. Tickets start at $135. But the fun isn't just contained to Target Field. Not to be outdone Target Center today announced that the 'Rocket Man' himself will be taking center stage February 21st 2019. Tickets for that show will be going on sale Feb 16th with prices starting at $59.50.

If you want the ultimate Elton John experience you can go big with the VIP package at 

I'm most excited for Journey and Def Leopard's show but any and all of the shows will certainly be an experience worth attending.

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