There's nothing that gets me more in the mood for baseball and springtime, than when the Minnesota Twins announce their theme nights for the year, and they have just made the announcement!

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Target Field Theme Nights gives you a chance to get exclusive items and fan experiences that are only available to fans that purchase these special ticket packages. They add fun stuff all year long, so make sure you check back for even more announcements throughout the year. Take a look below at the theme nights they have planned so far.

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St. Thomas night will be Tuesday, April 25th. The Twins will be playing against the New York Yankees at 6:40 pm. The package will include tickets to the game, and an exclusive St. Thomas/Twins cap. The first pitch will be thrown by a St. Thomas alum. Plus, a portion of each ticket purchased will support the St. Thomas Alumni Association.


Feel like working for the Twins? Yes! You can come work at Target Field on Wednesday, April 26th for the game against the New York Yankees at 12:10 pm. Your seats will include seating in the Delta SKY360 Club, $25 loaded onto your ticket that you can use for food and beverages, and a pre-game mixer, complete with an event speaker.

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Cancer Awareness Night will be held on Get a ticket to the game along with a Minnesota Twins Cancer Awareness hat, and know that a portion of each ticket purchased for this special-themed night will be donated to the American Cancer Society in support of cancer research and awareness. Game day is April 29th at 1:10 pm, as the Twins will be taking on the Kansas City Royals.


The Twins will be taking on the San Diego Padres at 6:40 pm, on Tuesday, May 9th.  On SCSU NIGHT, your special themed package will include a Twins/SCSU cap, and a portion of each ticket sold will go back to support the St. Cloud State University Alumni Association.


The Twins take on the Chicago Cubs at 7:10 pm on Friday, May 12th.  If you're a lover of CD Comics, this is the night for you. You'll get a ticket to the game plus a limited edition Batman/Twins bobblehead.


Are there any Bennies or Johnnies out there? Then this is the game for you. The Twins will be taking on the San Francisco Giants at 6:40 pm, on May 23rd. Get a ticket to the game plus your CSB/SJU Twins cap. Honorary first pitch to be thrown by a CSB/SJU Alum, and help support the CSB/SJU Alumni Association.


The Wine, Women & Baseball package includes your ticket to one of four different available games, a crossbody bag, and an exclusive pregame event.  The games you can choose from are May 28th, June 21st, July 5th, and August 15th.


For all my fellow purple lovers out there, this might be the night for you. Friday, June 2nd at 7:10 pm, the Twins will be taking on the Cleveland Guardians. You'll get your ticket to the game, and an exclusive Prince/Twins Sweatshirt!


The Twins will be taking on the Milwaukee Brewers at 6:40 pm, on Tuesday, June 13th. The NDSU Night package will include your ticket to the game, and your exclusive NDSU/Twins cap, as well as an honorary first pitch thrown out by an NDSU Alum. A portion of each ticket will support the NDSU Foundation.


You can join the LGBTQ+ community for Pride Night at Target Field on Friday, June 16th at 7:10 pm. The Twins will be taking on the Detroit Tigers. You'll also get a special Minnesota Twins Pride Night Twins Jersey and a ticket to the game.


The Twins will be taking on the Boston Red Sox on Monday, June 19th at 6:40 pm. Come to this specially-themed event and get a ticket to the game and an exclusive St. Paul Saints/Twins Jersey.


Show your support for the Minnesota Vikings as the Twins take on the Seattle Mariners on Monday, June 24th at 6:40 pm. You'll get a ticket to the game and a Minnesota Vikings/Twins jersey.


This game will be on Tuesday, July 25th, when the Twins take on the Seattle Mariners at 6:40 pm. Get your SDSU Twins cap and ticket to the game, as well as the knowledge that a portion of your ticket sales will help support the SDSU Alumni Association.


Harry Potter fans will love this themed night, complete with a ticket to the game and your very own exclusive Twins/Harry Potter scarf! You can choose between one of four scarves from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, and get your ticket to this fun event at Target Field, for Friday, August 4th at 7:10 pm, when the Twins take on the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Minnesota State University, Mankato game night will be held on Tuesday, August 15th at 6:40 pm, when the Twins take on the Detroit Tigers. Mankato fans will get a ticket to the game as well as a Mankato/Twins cap. An honorary pitch will be thrown by an Alum and portions of the proceeds will be going to the Minnesota State -Mankato Alumni Association.

For more on theme nights, you can click HERE for more information.


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