You know it is summer in Minnesota when people line their chairs up and lay blankets out to save their spot for the local parade.  That's happening now for the Rochesterfest parade that is all set for Saturday, June 26th in Rochester, Minnesota.  And I'm sure that businesses are getting their Tootsie Rolls ready to throw out to the crowds but here's a newsflash - no one wants Tootsie Rolls!  Instead of spending your dollars on those worthless pieces of candy, check out these items to throw at the parade-goers instead.

32 Items People Actually Want to Get at Parades Rather than Tootsie Rolls

Summer is here and with that are lots and lots of parades for you to enjoy. But, let's be real for a minute, no one wants any more Tootsie Rolls. If you are a company in a parade, read that again...NO ONE WANTS YOUR TOOTSIE ROLLS! Here's what we would rather see you throw at us at the parade.

What item would you want to get at a parade?

Is there something missing on the list that you'd love to get at a parade?  Let me know!  Send me a message over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram.

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Here's what's happening in Rochester, Minnesota on the 4th of July.

There are a bunch of fun events happening all over Southeast Minnesota for the 4th of July, including the 4th Fest in Rochester, Minnesota.  Check out all of the fun events below that are happening this year for the 4th of July.

List of Events and Fun in Rochester on July 4th, 2021

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, snacks, and drinks and celebrate the 4th of July at 4th Fest, a free event happening at Soldier's Field Park in Rochester, Minnesota. According to the City of Rochester, here are the events planned for the day and evening.

Did you know you can win free pizza for a year on July 7th in Rochester, Minnesota?

ICYMI, there is a brand new pizza joint opening in Rochester on July 7th.  And at their grand opening, someone is winning a year of pizza.  I'm not joking.  The new pizza spot in town shared the exciting announcement on their Facebook page the other day.  You can see the location, name, and details of the giveaway here.

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The Ultimate 2021 Summer-Fun Guide For Southeast Minnesota

After the bummer summer that was 2020, you and the family are sure to be searching for plenty of fun events that will get you outside and enjoying the Minnesota summer sun!

Below you will find The Ultimate 2021 Summer-Fun Guide for Southeast Minnesota! All of the biggest events that our area has to offer. If we missed one, let us know on our app today!