Need an excuse to get out of your yard work to-do list? Don't worry, I have your back. The fall colors are starting to fall to the ground, and leaving them there is actually good for your lawn's ecosystem. Here are five reasons to not rake your leaves this fall.

1. It’s Unnatural

When leaves fall in the forest is there someone out there to rake them? No. Nature just does its thing, and forests seem to be doing OK. Just let Mother Nature do her thing and let your leaves chill.

2. Leaves Create Habitat

The leaves that fall create habitats for the tiniest of creatures. Luna Moths, tree frogs, bumblebees, and more all rely on fallen leaves to help their species thrive through the long winter months.

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3. Free Mulch

Why pay for mulch when it is basically falling from the sky? Fallen leaves form a natural mulch and fertilizer for gardens that suppress weeds and add nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

4. Help Birds and Butterflies

Some butterfly and moth varieties pupate on fallen leaves, so if you rake them all up in the fall and throw them away, you won't have as many beautiful, fluttering creatures come spring. That causes a chain reaction with the birds. If there are no insects to eat, there will be no birds to watch.

5. Reduce Waste and Pollution

When you rake leaves, where do you put them? Into a plastic bag to be collected by the city? reported that approximately 33 million tons of yard waste goes into landfills. Be part of the solution.

And a bonus reason, there are so many better things to do this fall.

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