There is plenty to see, do, and taste at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Add to that plenty to drink as the Minnesota State Fair announced this morning a list of 53 new beverages coming to the State Fair this year. In all the State Fair boasts 300+ brews and beverages during it's run. Some of the new drinks feature the flavor of cotton candy...Here are some of the highlights of new beverages coming. 

I gave the list a quick look when it came out this morning and here are the top-6 that stood out to me either by flavor or simply the name of the beverage.

1. Cotton Candy Cream Ale
It was described on the State Fair website as "a fun and refreshing take on a State Fair classic fare, this cream ale is infused with the flavors of fresh-spun cotton candy." Lupulin Brewing Company is behind the cotton candy brew. I'm not too sure about cotton candy beer, but if it is like the mini-donut beer that is at the fair, I'm all on board. The downside to this beer is it's only being served in the Grandstand concert area so you'll need a ticket to the show to try it.

2. Four Seam Screamer
Are you a baseball fan? Just knowing that it was "brewed with the help of former Minnesota Twins All-Star pitcher, Glen Perkins" might be enough for you to give this a try. Perkins starred at Stillwater High School as a prep athlete, and Stillwater knows a thing or two about good beer. Don't know what I mean? Try some Lift Bridge sometime.  Surly Brewing Company, another favorite brewery of mine from Minnesota. You can try some at the Ball Park Cafe.

3. Kirby Pucker #34 Arnie Palmer
It's listed on the State Fair website as the "third in a series of State Fair exclusives". Like #34 was on the field for the Twins it's unique as it is "brewed with loose-leaf tea, lemon zest and lemon juice with a hint of sweetness." Eastlake Craft Brewery is the brewer behind this blend. I'm all for trying new beverages, and sour beers are great on a hot day, so maybe this one will make you pucker up in a good way. It is also found near the Four Seam Screamer at the Ball Park Cafe.

4. Mini-Sotan IPA
Summit is at it again this summer as they are releasing the Mini-Sotan IPA. It's going to be interesting when it comes to flavor as Summit hopes it flavoring of the IPA leads to you tasting hints of "English biscuits, bread crust, and sweet citrus." You can give it a go at the International Bazaar either at the Summit Booth or Shanghaied Henri's

5. Toasted Pumpkin Seed Ale
In an ode to those crisp fall days that inevitably will show up once the fair is done the Toasted Pumpkin Seed Ale makes it's State Fair debut. The "traditional lager" contains a "roasty pumpkin seed flavor." Third Street Brewhouse out of Cold Spring, MN is the force behind this autumnal flavor. You can give it a try at Giggles' Campfire Grill.

6. White Claw Red Bull Slushie
There "ain't no laws when you're drinkin' Claws" at least that's what this humorous youtube video shows you. (NSFW language is used in the video) O'Gara's mixes up "Black Cherry White Claw Hard Seltzer and Coconut Berry Red Bull" in this ode to summer drink. I'm sure you'll see a few of these in the hands of some of the recently turned 21 crowds.

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