Beer is good. There are plenty of options for purchasing beer in Minnesota. You can get a growler, a 6-pack, a traditional 24-can case, or if you are having a party a mini-keg or regular keg. But what if your guests really want to drink beer from an aluminum can? You're in luck because for a limited time, in a limited location, Natural Light is offering consumers a 77-can case of beer. You read that right, a 77-can case of beer. 

Late last week, the Anheuser-Busch-produced brand Natural Light announced on Twitter that it would be introducing a limited-time-only 77-pack of 12-ounce cans. The beer is packaged in a hexagonal shape. A photo, on Twitter, of the inside, shows an arrangement of four hexagons of beer: 18 cans surrounding 12 cans surrounding six cans with one single can in the middle. With some quick elementary math that adds up to a layer of 37 cans. Stack a second layer on top of that and you have 74 cans. Where are the missing three beers? The picture doesn't show where they are. Maybe they are just tossed in the box.

Another question that came to me after I had seen the news on Twitter was why the number 77? Well, it’s 77 because Natural Light was established in 1977. And in case you were wondering the whole package, beer and all weighs in around 65 pounds!

Sadly Minnesotans won't be able to enjoy this 77-can case of Natural Light beer because it is only going to be sold for a limited time in College Park, Maryland. Why only there, we have no idea. Why would you want that much cheap beer? Again no idea.

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