Have you gone out and bought some Powerball tickets yet? That's the only way you'll have a chance at the estimated $700 million jackpot. With a cash value of just over $443 million, you could by a lot of cool things but what would your top priorities be?

The first thing I would do is disappear with my family because you know that all kinds of people from your past would be coming out of the woodwork looking for a handout. And then there would be reps from charities hitting you up for some cash and others posing as advisers who just want to help you handle your money, all while slowly milking you of all your winnings. Don't get me wrong, there are a set number of people that I would definitely help out as I would hope that they would do the same for me. And I have a few programs and charities that I've already earmarked for donations should that winning day ever happen.

That aside, the first thing I would do would be to travel the United States and really most of North America before venturing over to Europe. I dream of being able to see all the sights that I've only been able to see on TV, in books or online. The second thing I'd do is purchase a secluded piece of property and build a modest home and small barn. The home would be built to my wife's specs and the barn would house a stable of vintage vehicles and the loft of the barn would be a state-of-the-art movie theater complete with kitchenette, bathroom and game room.

And I wouldn't quit my job... wait, wait, I've got to stop laughing, of course I would quit my job. Why would you even play the lottery if you weren't planning on quitting your job as soon as the money was in your hands. I think it's selfish of lottery winners to not give up their jobs. Look you're set for life, let someone else have your job. They need it , you don't, you're rich!

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