With a 100% chance of snow coming to Faribault tomorrow, and with most of us being sick of this winter weather, we are all just waiting around for warmer weather. But after being stuck inside all winter you're getting a little antsy and need something to get you out of the winter blues. You're search for something to do just got a lot easier! Here are 8 ways to weather the winter blues this weekend.

  • 1

    Try Out a New Hobby

    If you've always wanted to try your hand at basket weaving this would be the weekend to do it! Whatever that hobby is that you're itching to start, it may in fact help distract you from the winter weather.

  • 2


    Try out yoga, kickboxing, or a new cardio routine. No need for a gym, utilize YouTube if you want the help of a trainer right in your living room!

  • 3

    Hang Out With Friends

    Invite your friends over to watch the Twins spring training, or host a desserts only potluck!

  • 4

    Plan a Vacation

    Sure, you probably want to go on a vacation NOW, but use this winter weather to inspire you to plan a future vacation. Take your mind out of the present for a second and think about how much fun you'll have in sipping a cocktail on the beach!

  • 5

    Wear Something BRIGHT

    Pull out that hot pink sweater or neon yellow t-shirt! There's no way wearing bright colors on a gloomy winter day could put you in a worse mood, so why not?

  • 6

    Relax by the Fire

    Calling everyone with a fireplace! This weekend is the perfect time to get a fire going and just relax (maybe even with some tea of hot chocolate). Grab your coziest blanket and a good book too!

  • 7

    Go to the River Bend Nature Center

    Rent cross country skis or snowshoes at the River Bend Nature Center. Sometimes getting outside is the best medicine for curing the winter blues. Check out their rental information at their website.

  • 8

    Take Vitamin D

    I have seen many places suggesting to take Vitamin D when the winter is getting you down. I have never tried it but it definitely seems to work for people!

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