Hi there! I'm Carly Ross, the new mid-day personality on Power 96. Since I'm new around here, I wanted to introduce myself and tell you little bit about me.


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    I Grew Up in the Twin Cities

    Some may say I'm spoiled because I grew up in the Twin Cities area. I could go to the Mall of America whenever I wanted, the Cherry and Spoon was basically in my backyard, and being so close to all of the Twins action was amazing! GO TWINS! Now I get to call the South Metro home.

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    I Was a Band Nerd

    That's right, I started playing flute in 5th grade and played through my sophomore year of college. Then I decided that one instrument wasn't enough. In total, I've played violin, piano, bass guitar for my high school jazz band, and cymbals for our Drumline. I was busy!

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    I've Been Doing Radio Since College

    One of my friends talked me into doing a show with him freshman year of college and I've loved it ever since!

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    Dancing is One of my Favorite Hobbies

    After graduating from college, this hobby took a backseat. I hope to get back to doing it more soon because it was so much fun (not to mention a great workout!). Back in my prime, I did hip-hop, tap, jazz, swing, and some ballet.

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    I LOVE Animals

    I cannot get enough of animals! Horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, you name it. I will pet any animal you hand me (well, if it's a snake I might be a little hesitant).

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    Coffee is How I Stay Alive

    I don't think I would be able to get myself out of bed without coffee. You can thank my mom for fueling that love! My love for coffee is also the reason I have a huge mug collection, but we can talk about that another time.

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    I Played Softball for 12 Years

    And my dad coached for all 12 of those years too! Unfortunately, I haven't played in almost 5 years.. so if you know of an adult league I can join, let me know!

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    A Good Margarita with Friends is the Best Way to End a Day

    Funny story: on my 21st birthday, myself and a bunch of friends went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and my boyfriend (now fiance) bought me a margarita... and I HATED it! And now it's one of my favorite drinks!

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    I Can't Pass Up a Trip to a Local Brewery!

    Getting to tour breweries and taste the different beers they're able to make themselves, just a few feet from where you're sitting, is so cool to me! Does anyone have recommendations for good breweries near Faribault?

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