We all know that Amazon is arguably one of the best things to have happen to us. But what's crazy is how Amazon continues to surprise us with awesome products! Yes, Amazon can sell some weird stuff (like this horse head) but these 9 products that I found are seriously useful!

  • 1

    This Phone Case That Charges Your Phone With the Sun

    Ummm yes please! If you're a camper this would be so useful. The case is even waterproof AND it comes with a hook so you can clip your phone to your backpack or bag.

  • 2

    A Super Sharp Pizza Cutter so You Don't Destroy Your Pizza Toppings

    This product has over 1,600 reviews and has still managed to maintain a 5 star rating! Probably because the super sharp blade allows you to cut your pizza easily without annihilating the toppings.

  • 3

    A Shoe Deodorizer That Smells AMAZING

    Work shoes have the tendency to not smell the best. But this shoe deodorizer might be the best solution yet! It's all natural and has a peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus smell.

  • 4

    The Shower Curtain Keeps All of Your Products Out of the Way

    This shower curtain has built in pockets to hold your shampoo, body wash, and other shower products! No need to get those baskets that are supposed to stick to the shower wall but don't actually work. I'm speaking from experience here, don't trust something that claims to stick to a wet wall, just get this shower curtain!

  • 5

    This Bluetooth Radio Adapter For Those of Us That Don't Have Aux Hook Ups

    For those of us that have older cars and don't have the luxury of utilizing an auxiliary cord, this Bluetooth radio adapter is for you. I might have to get one of these!

  • 6

    This Device That Makes Slicing Avocados a Breeze

    Man, I could have used one of these yesterday! This slicer makes it extremely easy to cut and de-pit your avocado perfectly.

  • 7

    A Credit Card Sized Multi-Tool

    You'll never have to worry about not being prepared with this ninja in your pocket! Seriously, it's called a wallet ninja, and it's just the right size to fit perfectly in your wallet for easy transportation.

  • 8

    This Vacuum Designed Specifically to Clean Up Pet Hair

    This hand held vacuum has a rubber nozzle designed specifically for cleaning up the worst pet hair. The size is a plus too, you can easily get in small areas that pet hair is bound to get stuck.

  • 9

    This Insanely Powerful Mini Flashlight

    This is another useful product for you campers. This mini flashlight is super easy to transport but also can create a 600-foot beam. You will never get lost in the woods again!

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