This weekend’s blizzard officially makes this April the snowiest Minnesota April on record with 23.5 inches of snow, and counting! We dethroned April of 1983 which got a grand total of 21.8 inches.

So that got me thinking, what was going on in the world the last time it was this snowy in Minnesota in April?


  • 1

    Microsoft Word was first launched that year.

  • 2

    Ronald Reagan was President.

  • 3

    Chicken nuggets were first introduced at McDonald's that year.

  • 4

    Apple introduced the Lisa computer.

  • 5

    The average home cost $87,600 in April of that year.

  • 6

    Amy Winehouse was born in September of that year.

  • 7

    Jellies shoes were all the rage.

  • 8

    Gas cost only $1.22/gallon.

  • 9

    It had only been 10 years since the first cell phone call.

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