It's terrible that anyone would decide to trick another person out of money.

Earlier this week a 92-year-old Austin woman fell victim to the "Grandparent Scam." According to the Mower County Sheriff's Office, she received a phone call stating that her grandson had been involved in a car accident in another state and was in jail. The caller told her a bail amount, which she paid right away. She then received another call that more money was needed for the victim of this crash. She gave them that money too.

The woman then decided to call her family to see what exactly happened and they told her that her grandson wasn't involved in an accident and was never in jail. The sheriff's office estimates she lost about $19,500.

This scam is still being investigated but please remember to never give money to someone you don't know, even if they say your family is involved.


Source: ABC 6 News


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