Do you want to escape for a little bit? Maybe even escape what decade we are living in? Intrigued yet? Let's transport all the way back to the 1920's at the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul!

Caves? In the middle of St. Paul? Yep! And they're pretty freaking cool! The Caves are known for their Swing Nights, which take place every Thursday night. Don't know how to swing dance? No problem! Lessons are lead by "Arthur Murray Studios" every Thursday at 6:15PM. Then, from 7-10PM there is live music and you can swing dance however you please! It only is $8 per person for a super unique date night idea. I think that's worth it! Check out what band is playing at The Caves next here under the "Swing Night" tab. I would highly recommend trying out swing night if you get the chance. I've gone and it really is so cool to see all of the different swing abilities and hear the live music. Everyone loves to teach each other new moves too, so if you see someone doing a cool move just ask them to teach you! It's such a great community atmosphere!

If swing dancing isn't your thing, The Caves also does tours! There are Historic Cave Tours, St. Paul Gangster Tours, and Lost Souls Tours. Check out more info about those tours here under the "Tours" tab.


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