Little Emileo has already been through a lot, and he's only a few months old!

When he was born, his parents, Lukas and Kristi, told KARE 11 that everything was totally normal for the first month, and then one day they noticed he was breathing really fast.

Thankfully they got him into the ER quickly and doctors were able to help. Doctors found that he had "a weakness in his heart muscle and high blood pressure - two things that don't usually go together."

But instead of a heart transplant, doctors decided to have a special DNA genome sequencing done on Emileo. That's how they discovered that he has a very rare disease called Generalized Arterial Calcification of Infancy, "a disorder which affects how the body processes calcium."

Most of the time when babies are diagnosed with this it's after they've already died because it's such a hard disease to diagnose, or if it's caught before they die the baby usually doesn't make it to 6 months. So everyone is very excited that they caught it early in Emileo and he should survive thanks to treatment.

Lukas and Kristi are already planning Emileo's first birthday party and are calling it a "celebration of a miracle." They're even hoping to get the attention of two celebrities, Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars, to come to his party. Ellen because of her "big heart and sense of humor" and Bruno Mars because of "his passion for life."


Source: KARE 11


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