What a beautiful weekend we're having and it's only February. I spent my Saturday replacing the front brakes on my van. Probably the easiest brake job I've done in a long time. I would've gotten it done in under an hour if I wouldn't have had to run to the auto store to pick up caliber pin lube. I wasn't sure what would be involved, so I googled it and found a detailed instructional video on how to replace the front brake pads on a Dodge Grand Caravan.

After running some errands, I decided to try to get my granddaughters' bikes and trikes out of the shed in the backyard. Unfortunately the sliding doors were frozen. It took 10 five-gallon buckets of hot water to melt the ice that held the doors fast before I was able to get in.

To wrap up the evening, my wife and I decided to have a bonfire. It was an ideal night for a campfire, without any wind, and we were able to relax on our log swing, enjoy a beer and keep warm in front of the fire. This was the perfect way to wrap up an excellent day.

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