You really couldn't make for a more interesting headline than Snow Lobster Debuts in North Metro. But that is exactly what the Bartz Brothers from New Brighton, MN did recently. You may have seen there work over the last seven years, as the Bartz boys, Austin, Trevor and Connor have sculpted different mega-sized sea creatures out of the white stuff on their front lawn. Not only are the boys artistic, they are also philanthropists.

The monumental ocean creatures, which of course last only as long as we have freezing temperatures, draws on-lookers from all over the state, and has raised money for clean water around the world. Last year alone the brothers collected more than $26,000 for charity from fans of their snow sculptures.

The lobster stands 19 feet tall and was named Diggs after a public vote. How did the name Diggs come about? Look no further than the hero from the Vikings game Sunday night.

If you'd like to check out the sculpture in person here is what you need to know;

Where; 2777 16th Street NW, New Brighton, MN

When; Daily until 11pm as long as it's below freezing.

If you go and take a picture you are asked to use the hashtag #bartzsnowsculptures

Or if you'd like to donate to the clean water charity you can do so here.


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