Ever been to a pizza farm before? I've never heard the term but I'm always down for some good 'za. A pop-up pizza farm and farmers market are coming to Cannon Falls on July 24 at the Farmhouse Inn. 

So what's a pizza farm anyway? According to the Facebook event page, "Pizza farms have been popping up all over the Midwest and have quickly become a favorite spot for locals to enjoy farm-fresh produce on a freshly made pizza all while enjoying the beautiful countryside."

Alright, freshly made pizza with fresh ingredients, this sounds like a winner to me. Making the pizza will be Waseca's own Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm. According to their social media page, Pleasant Grove has been serving up freshly made pizza for 6 years now. (I'm actually kind of upset I hadn't heard of them until now.)

How this will work is that you'll put in your order for a pizza and then have some time kill while it's being made. You can hang out in the lawn at The Farmhouse Inn, bring some bags, lawn chairs, cooler, a foldable table, or blanket and hang out until your pizza is made.

Then enjoy your pizza! If you are attending this event, please leave the area the way you found it if not better so pick up your trash.

I'm guessing this is their menu for what kind of pizza they will be offering up, but don't quote me on this yet.

Image Credit: @pleasantgrovepizzafarm via Facebook

As far as the Farmer's Market piece to the event...no real details on who is coming but if we get some information I'll add to this and let you know.

There will even be porta potties on-site as well as a wash station to wash your hands when every you may need to.

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