Anybody that knows me, knows that I am usually found wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I've basically been wearing the same attire that I wore from grade school through high school and continue to wear today.

When I was younger it was jeans and a white t-shirt, in junior high (middle school, to you young folk) I paired colorful, cartoony t-shirts with my jeans. I was especially proud of my Arrow Bar t-shirt, with it's mischievous devil on the front, and my Budweiser Bud Man t-shirt. Both of them were given to me by my Uncle Joe, I think to irk my Mom a little bit, which is what made them so special to me.

When I hit high school I discovered rock bands and rock concerts and from then on it was concert t-shirts or just band t-shirts. I had dozens of them while I was in school. As an adult I've got hundreds of different types although I typically avoid the silly ones, I mean c'mon I've got to maintain a certain sense of maturity.

What's this all leading too, you might ask? Well recently I happened across a new style of print t-shirt called Raubdruckerin. According to their website, it's a method of creating unique t-shirts by using "urban structures like manhole covers, grids, technical objects and other surfaces of the urban landscape, to create unique graphical patterns on streetwear basics, fabrics and paper." I'm not really sure if inking up a manhole would be considered vandalism but it sure makes for a one of a kind shirt that you could create yourself.

Can you think of any interesting places around your town that might work to make some cool designs on t-shirts?

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