Telling fishing stories are a way of life in Minnesota. It's always about the one that got away, and how big it was! The fish eventually in these stories become things of legends with size or the amount of fight that they put up. This story is a little different. If you go to the ice castle in St. Paul, which is a part of the Winter Carnival, you will find a frozen fish inside a block of ice!

The ice palace was built with over 4,000 ice blocks and the frozen fish block is found at the perfect height for a child to see it. The frozen fish is a tribute to state fish, and also to Winter Carnival history. In 2004 a walleye was also placed inside a block of ice. (The fish was posed to look as if it was chasing a hockey puck.) But ALSO in 2004 a perch was found in a frozen block of ice from Green Lake in Spicer. The perch wasn't placed, it was just found in the ice after removing the block from the lake.

Currently the fish is name-less, but that might change. The Carnival is debating on holding a 'name-the-fish' contest. Whether or not the fish gets a name, it can be seen at the ice palace at Rice Park during the Winter Carnival, which runs through Feb. 10.

If you'd like a fishing story of your own, there is still time to sign up for the Winter Walleye Connection!

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