There is an old saying that if it "sounds too good to be true it probably is." I have another saying, If it seems unusual it is probably a scam." I read today about a Cannon Falls man who lost $4000 in a scam that sounded very familiar to what happened to me. He was contacted by a business and told he overpaid a bill. They ask for you bank account numbers or send a check and then tell you they overpaid and you should send some money back, preferably a gift card. Then you find out the check or cashiers check is on a closed bank account.

I bought my cousin's 8 row corn head and wanted to sell my 6 row head. I had never done it before but I took pictures and put it on Craig's List. The very next day I got a text message saying this individual would buy the corn head and send me a cashiers check for the amount I listed plus an extra amount to pay the transporter. I was texted a tracking number and a couple days later I received a cashiers check in the mail.

This seemed unusual as I expected to get a call on my cell phone from a farmer to get more information on the corn head. I checked and the area code for the phone number was in California. Who would want to buy my corn head from California and send a cashiers check for thousands of dollars? Then tell me to cash the check and give the extra money to the transporter?

I asked my Cousin Chad and others who had experience with Craig's List and was told you will likely get a cashiers check in the mail and will find it is on a closed bank account. I did get a cashiers check in the mail and I still have it. However, I was called by a farmer on the Wisconsin side of Lake Pepin and he bought my corn head and paid me to deliver it.

I always say I do not have to know everything, I just have to know someone that does. This seemed unusual so I asked those that had experience with Craig's List and did not end up losing any money. I am not sure what I should do with the cashiers check. Maybe I will keep it for a souvenir?

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