Evan Wise's Sunday night ended with a broken leg and an empty wallet.

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Wise, an experienced motorcyclist, was hit by a car near Lyndale Avenue South and 31st Street around 2 am on Sunday.

Luckily, Wise captured the crash on his helmet camera. The video shows a car pulling out in front of him shortly after crossing Lake Street. It seems the motorist was attempting to make a U-turn.

Wise hit the driver-side door and flipped over the car. Wise, then unconscious, doesn't remember the details, but the helmet camera captured the driver speeding off.

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People rushed to his aid after the incident.

Unfortunately, while Wise was knocked-out, a bystander stole money from his wallet.

(Talk about kicking a person when he's down!)

In other words, the motorcyclist encountered an unlucky, atrociously bad morning. He is now focused on recovery and identifying the motorist.


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