Playing the lotto can be exciting when there is a big payout. Even if there isn't a large payout, scratch tickets can be very entertaining. The Minnesota Lottery has a booth at the state fair. Here you can get scratch-off tickets and actual lotto tickets. I hate to gamble, but I've played my fair share of scratch-off games and won small prizes. But that doesn't equate to what happened at this year's state fair.

WCCO announced the other day that a huge prize was won from a ticket that was sold at the state fair. According to the article, there have been some big prizes won at the Minnesota State Fair in years past. Someone won a car and others have won large cash amounts -- nothing has come close to the latest one, though.

They said the women that won $100,000 only bought the "I'MN To Summer" scratch-off tickets to get the free t-shirt you get if you spend $20 at the booth. The shirts are Viking themed and are pretty cool. From my understanding, they can't identify the woman unless she announces it herself.

Now we know those big prizes do exist! I'm skeptical sometimes if those types of prizes are "fake news' or are really floating around. Don't worry... There are still a few huge prizes left. There's still a ticket out there that will win you a car and another that will win you $75,000. Both of those are amazing prizes if you ask me.

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