It's no secret that I love a good bargain. I enjoy looking through the clearance racks if I am out looking for something that I need, I even enjoy looking at thrift stores. If I don't have to pay full price for stuff I need around the house, then I am very happy.

The day after Christmas, Boxing Day for those from across the pond; is a day I enjoy shopping, only to see what kind of deals I can score on Christmas and other seasonal merchandise. I buy Christmas wrap for the following year, because 50% off at least, and maybe even start in on the little gifts that I use for my family's tradition of playing dirty bingo.

I was out yesterday, and yes, Christmas decor and wrap were 50% off at a few retailers. I did buy wrapping paper and will be checking the aisles within the next couple of weeks, waiting to see if prices go down further. I got my Christmas tree a couple of years back for less than $10, it pays for me to bargain shop. One tip I have, if I know I don't have room to store it, I don't buy it. The last thing I want is to clutter up my house with Christmas stuff for next season.

Happy bargain hunting!

Andreas Rodriguez

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